Boletos in Brazil - a vital piece to understand local shopping preferences
Posted By BoaCompra on Mar, 07th 2018

Boletos in Brazil - a vital piece to understand local shopping preferences

Boleto bancário, better-known as boleto (ticket in a rough English translation) is a payment method that only exists in Brazil and is regulated by the Brazilian Federation of Banks, Febraban. This payment method can be paid in more than one thousand different points such as post offices, lottery agents, ATMs, in-person or online at any bank. They can even be paid in supermarkets!

This  type of payment  is  really popular in Brazil  because it is  easy to pay it anywhere  and a bank  account  is  not  mandatory. For this reason, a diverse range of businesses  can use this  method  which  is  especially popular among  online  buyers  who still don’t  feel  comfortable  using  their  credit  card online or  those  without a bank  account.  Printed on white paper, a boleto has a barcode and serial number that controls the payment processes until the expiration date.

According to the SPC report (Serviço de Proteção ao Crédito), the most popular items that are paid with this payment method are:

  • clothing (32% of the interviewed people during the research, 42% of which are women);
  • electronics (28%) mostly cell phones and smartphones;
  • footwear (22%);
  • home appliances (20%).

Boleto as a crossborder payment method

Every Brazilian consumer, even the youngsters, already saw, paid or purchased goods with this payment method. It has been in the local culture for decades and for this reason, the majority of Brazilian consumers find boleto bancário familiar and trustworthy. Besides being simple to understand, this cash payment has no chargeback fee and eliminate fraud risks during the digital transaction.

When offering this option as a payment method, merchants can boost sales in the digital market in a short time. The catch is just understanding its particularities and finding the perfect partner for local transactions. As a Brazilian company, BoaCompra dominates any subject related to the Brazilian reality and it can also help you with advice on how to maximize cross border sales in this market.

As part of UOl and Pagseguro, UOL Boacompra is a solid financial partner with the best products available in Brazil and experts in risk, compliance or taxes. Besides this expertise, Native Customer Support is available 24/7, no matter where you sell from we will answer your customer queries.

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