Privacy Policy

BoaCompra knows how important privacy and security are to you and really cares about it. To ensure your peace of mind, BoaCompra discloses some rules that every user should follow and also the commitments made by BoaCompra to ensure your privacy.

What are the commitments that BoaCompra made with users to ensure their safety and privacy?

  • Not disclose, without authorization, under any circumstances, the email address of users who signs up on BoaCompra?s page or on one of the pages of partner companies of BoaCompra;
  • Not disclose, without prior authorization, under any circumstances, the email address of users to other companies, which are not companies of UOL Group;
  • Not send messages to the email address of users, without their consent and/or request;
  • Allow users to opt out, at any time, the sending of information material via email previously requested by the user;
  • Preserve user identity, maintaining confidentiality while using the services provided by BoaCompra and while browsing the website of BoaCompra. So that BoaCompra can follow through with this commitment, users also make the commitment to respect the policies set forth herein, as well as specific policies for each service provided by BoaCompra and the games licensed to BoaCompra;
  • Maintain in strict confidentiality the number of credit card and other bank information provided by users;
  • Use cookies and anonymous identifiers only for internal control of ratings, browsing, and, above all, safety. Cookies are information sent by the server of BoaCompra to the users? computer to identify them. You are not required to accept cookies to browse BoaCompra, but some of the services provided by us and by the games licensed to BoaCompra might not work correctly if cookies are disabled;
  • Ensure security and privacy of identity to internet users who purchase the products offered in BoaCompra. Registered data - such as name, address and credit card number - are protected by advanced encryption systems as they are sent and kept confidential in security servers of BoaCompra or in others authorized, under the same conditions, by BoaCompra.

Notwithstanding the above, users expressly authorize their registration data entered in BoaCompra?s services to be provided: (i) to the relevant public authorities formally requesting it, or as otherwise authorized pursuant to Law 12965/2014 (?Civil Rights Framework for Internet Use?), the Brazilian Federal Constitution and other applicable laws; (ii) to the agencies of domain name registration; and (iii) to their strategic, commercial and technical partners, in order to offer better conditions of Services to the CLIENT. Furthermore, USERS EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT BOACOMPRA MAY COLLECT INFORMATION FOR TRAFFIC MONITORING, IN ORDER TO IDENTIFY USER PROFILE GROUPS AND FOR ADVERTISING GUIDANCE.

What one should not do when using the services of BoaCompra?

  • Users should not use the services of BoaCompra and the games licensed by BoaCompra with any unlawful purpose;
  • Transmit or disseminate threats, child pornography, racist material, or any other material that goes against the laws in force in the country;
  • Propagate computer virus, invasive programs (worms) or other forms of computer program, whether or not self-replicating, that would cause temporary or permanent damage to the equipment of the recipient;
  • Transmit types or amounts of data that cause failures in services or equipment in the BoaCompra network, in the network of games licensed to BoaCompra, and/or on the internet;
  • Use the network to try and/or perform unauthorized access to communication, information or computing devices;
  • Forge addresses of machines, network or email in an attempt to blame others or hide the identity of authorship;
  • Destroy or corrupt data and information from other users of BoaCompra and/or games licensed to BoaCompra;
  • Breach the privacy of other users of BoaCompra and/or of games licensed to BoaCompra;
  • Distribute by email, discussion groups, forums, communities and/or other similar forms of communication, unsolicited messages like chains and mass messages, whether or not commercial;
  • Send a large number of identical messages to the same recipient by e-mail (mail bombing);
  • Breach copyright of others, reproducing material without prior consent of the security of BoaCompra.

What happens to those who disobey any of the above policies?

  • Offenders may receive warnings or even have their BoaCompra account terminated, which would include the end of access to other portals of UOL Group to the extent that such portals are integrated with BoaCompra;
  • In case of identification of child pornography and/or other crimes provided for by law, the user account will be immediately canceled, with the preservation of data and possible reporting to the authorities, if a court order to do so is available.