The largest economy in Latin America represents a complex, but tremendously lucrative market. Brazil has the highest number of internet users in the region and its growing infrastructure investments show the potential for further development of e-commerce in the region.

Discover the key points every merchant should know when expanding their business to Brazil.

Why Brazil is a great opportunity for e-commerce companies

  • 135.4M internet users

    135.4M internet users

    The highest number of potential online customers in Latin America.
  • 58M online shoppers

    58M online shoppers

    The biggest market of e-commerce consumers in LATAM.
  • USD 13.1 billion in online sales

    USD 13.1 billion in online sales

    E-commerce accounts for 123M transactions and it keeps trending upward.
  • 89.3M smartphone users

    89.3M smartphone users

    Brazil is one of the countries with the largest number of smartphones in the world.

Local payments make the difference in Brazil

Providing the right payment options and meeting Brazilians' payment expectations is crucial in order to reach the greatest number of potential customers in the country and increase your conversion rates.
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Most Used Payment Methods

  • Local credit cards

    Local credit cards

    64% of Brazilians use credit cards for online purchases, but only 22% of credit cards issued in the country are enabled for international transactions.

    Reach more customers by offering domestic card schemes.

  • Boleto bancário

    Boleto bancário

    The most common cash-based payment method operating in the country, corresponding to 15% of online purchases.

    Since it is a popular payment option among the unbanked population, Boleto can increase your potential market size.

  • e-wallets


    Start accepting the most popular digital wallet solutions in Brazil, such as PagSeguro/PagBank and PayPal.

    PagSeguro’s e-wallet has been integrated into a full digital bank account for PagBank.

  • Online bank transfers

    Online bank transfers

    This involves a direct money transfer from the customer’s account to your business.

    BoaCompra has the best coverage for local banks to make it easier for your Brazilian customers to pay.

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