Latin America is ready for you

The region offers a large market with high growth potential, representing an as-yet untapped source of new e-commerce customers.

Whilst young, Latin America offers exciting new opportunities for international merchants looking to expand their business.

The Latin American perspective

E-commerce merchants seeking to do business in LATAM face exciting times as online sales and internet penetration continue to grow.

As an emerging market, LATAM remains to this day a fragmented geo-economic region, not least when it comes to payment choices.
International merchants looking to enter different LATAM markets must ensure their business is equipped to cater to their consumers’ preferred payment methods.

Simplifying the purchasing process is one of the key ways for e-commerce websites to reach millions of those potential customers, and increase their local conversion rates.

Did you know that

  • Almost half of the population remains unbanked

    Alternative payments can reach customers who still prefer to use cash.
  • Most LATAM cards are not enabled for international use

    Local payments are vital to international transactions.
  • Paying in installments is a widespread practice

    Purchases in multiple installments increase conversion rates.

Find out how to be successful when expanding your e-commerce business to Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

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Local payments are necessary for success in LATAM

Many international merchants forget that the region is fragmented when it comes to both currencies and preferred local payment methods.

Offering the most convenient payment options guarantees that your e-commerce business is continuously connected to its LATAM customers.

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