BoaCompra Payout Solution is now available for your business. This disruptive payout model enables companies from all over the world to send transfers to Brazilians in their local currency within minutes and no traditional banking fees.

Find out how your business can benefit from BoaCompra Payout Solution

Single or mass payouts to Brazilians

Send as many transfers as your business needs in a simple and effortless way, whether it is a batch of several payouts or a single payout.

Instant transfers in local currency

Local partners receive their money within minutes, directly at their PagBank free digital account in Brazilian reais.

Easy access to your payees

PagBank is one of the most popular digital banks in Brazil with more than 5.8 million¹ active users, so it is very likely that your Brazilian partner is already our client.

Uncomplicated cross-border operation

With more than 15 years of expertise in Latin America, you can trust BoaCompra to handle complexities of cross-border transfers for you.

Disruptive payout experience

Recipients receive their funds through PagBank digital account which means a cost-effective operation for your company and no bureaucracies of traditional banks for them.

Banking taxes free

By using a digital account to perform international transfers, your business is free from traditional international bank fees.

High level of compliance

BoaCompra and Pagbank’s operations are regulated in accordance with the Brazilian Central Bank. In addition to that, both companies are PCI DSS compliance certified and follow international safety standards.

1Active merchants using one additional digital account feature/service beyond acquiring and consumers with a balance in their digital account on the last day of the month.


Additional PagBank benefits to your payees

Payees can use their funds directly from the PagBank superapp for shopping, bill payment, cell phone topup with cashback, bank transfers and more.